Why vote

  • Voting is a fundamental right that British citizenship bestows giving participation in the UK’s vibrant democracy. This is a right recently restored by the UK Government to all British living overseas regardless of the length of residency outside the UK.

  • The right to vote has not come easily with struggles and sacrifices right down British history so that we today can freely express peacefully our opinions at the ballot box. Simply because you are away from the UK does not stop you from exercising this hard-won right.

  • Many British political issues affect Britons living abroad, with many paying some form of UK tax, receiving UK-derived income, and or contributing to UK pensions.

  • Most Britons overseas maintain deep family connections with the UK whether it be through elderly parents or children who study at some point in their lives back in the UK, many have an intention to someday return to the UK.

  • Many countries do not grant the right to vote to resident non-citizens so for many British overseas this is their only chance of participation in a democratic process.

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