How to vote

First, you must register to vote

  • You can now register to vote simply and quickly online.

  • You will be asked for your National Insurance number (but you can still register if you do not have one) and may be asked for your passport details.

  • You need to provide the address where you were last registered to vote or failing that the last address in the UK where you lived.

  • Want to know the constituency? Click the Where do I vote? block on the homepage. Go > 

  • Once you know the address, click here:

Apply to register to vote

How to vote

Once your registration is confirmed by your local electoral team then you can choose to vote by proxy or by post.

Getting a Proxy Vote

  • If you live a distance from the UK with an uncertain postal system or with no reliable post service with the UK then you should apply for a proxy vote. 

  • You must nominate and trust someone else to vote the way you want for you.

  • Your proxy does not need to live close to your registered address in the UK and can instead choose to cast your proxy by post - this is called a postal proxy.

  • If you do not know anyone who can be your proxy then approach a UK political party and ask.

Apply for a Proxy Vote

Getting a Postal Vote

  • If you live close to the UK with a speedy and reliable post service with the UK then you can apply for a postal vote.

  • Your ballot will be posted to you soon after they are printed for any Election and you should mail it back as soon as you receive it to make sure it is counted.

Apply for a Postal Vote

Vote in person

If you happen to be in the United Kingdom near the place you are registered and have not made postal or proxy arrangements, then you can still go and vote at the appropriate polling station - you will need to show your ID.

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